La Palette: The Chicago Palette

La Palette : The Chicago Palette features a select handful of intimate photographic portraits of the painters palettes of prominent Chicago-based contemporary artists taken over the course of five years. Displayed alongside a finished work by each artist and a representative palette, the photographs reveal new insights into the working methods and creative process of the artists, transforming their tools of the trade into artworks in their right.

La Palette: The Chicago Palette is an appreciation of the late Ed Paschke and the brilliant artists who have permitted a glimpse into their art and their hearts. It is an up close and personal look at the strokes of the brush, before the brush strokes canvas. Each artist exhibits a unique palette, consisting of diverse colors, surfaces, and unconscious movements beginning a subliminal voyage into the artists’ painting prior to creating an intended image. Chicago Palette is an intimate look into 16 artists and their art in advance of paint reaching a deliberate objective. Paying attention to the palette details offers a private look at the “practice swings” before pigment meets surface. A palette revealed more than just the art, but the subconscious artist.

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  Peter Axelsen   Roger Brown   William Conger   Michelle Grabner   Richard Hull
  Wesley Kimler   David Klamen   Vera Klement   Amy Lowry   James Mesplé
  Anita Miller   Tom O’Gorman   Ed Paschke   Clarisse Perrette   Nancy Rosen
  James Valerio