La Palette: The Chicago Palette – Richard Hull

Studio is pristine from wall-to-wall. An empty lacquered palette hangs above the door saying “hello” to the beginning, and “I’ll see you later” at the end. Pigments arranged in regimental rows. Crayon sticks corralled into a box, colors ripe for picking. Studio is quiet and serene. Peacefulness is all around. Wax crayons blossom into swirls and strokes practiced on a palette that comes to life before images are born on canvas. Blank spaces are as important as the painting, lending power to his vision. Oils on a glass palette intrigues. Pigments seem to hover above just asking to be mixed and used for heartfelt purpose. Swirls of oils seem to begin their flight to canvas well before it is gently stroked on the surface for which it is intended.

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