La Palette: The Chicago Palette – James Valerio

Pristine, almost spotless studio; large canvases with intensely specific brush strokes seem to be holding up the walls. Spotlights are high above. First a vision created with subtlety, yet intricate precision, a master vision to be consigned to canvas. There are brilliant colors, many which seem to have launched perfectly off palette onto a well-planned, structural pattern. Images are first built from scratch, perception captured with a camera, then painstakingly transformed into an image on enormous canvas with remarkable detail. Gazing at a massive color transparency through a loupe, each line is drawn with architectural precision, not as it is but as it is seen. Color laid down in form and format that came both from the original built and posed, as well as that which is drawn from deep within his heart and mind. His eyes clearly do the painting. His palette holds an idea before his reality is produced.

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