La Palette: The Chicago Palette – David Klamen

David was the first to open his studio and his heart so I may learn to not only look, but also to see. Quiet, gentle artistic giant inhabits a peaceful studio. Certain of his light, he takes full control. Muted studio colors produce serenity, balance, and peace. He gracefully moves with spiritual calm along with harmonious background music that brushes a soul. Generously welcoming, certain of what his eyes see on a blank canvas before him. Masterpieces hidden under glossy, reflective brushed coats; enveloping images and sending them into a new dimension: having to see, not just look. He truly leaves his paint and brush strokes where they are unexpected. His palette and brushes reflect his nature and art. Coats of brushed gloss or points of pigment intrigue, revealing remarkable unexpected images when both looking and seeing.

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